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Author: Customer Support

Integrate other services via IFTTT Maker Webhook

Summary IFTTT offers a way of sending requests to external URLs called Maker Webhooks, and you can use it to connect other services on IFTTT such as Dropbox to Commet. Here is a summary of the necessary steps: Sign up for IFTTT if not yet Become a Maker Generate a webhook URL for IFTTT on Commet Create an applet Enable the applet Detailed steps Sign up and become a Maker If you are not a […]

Limitations when a Team is integrated with Slack private channel(s)

Background Slack has strict policies regarding security and privacy, and 3rd-party apps like Commet have to follow them. For that reason, Commet has feature limitations when a Team is integrated with Slack private channels. API Terms of Service | Slack Limitations Invitations Users can’t invite other users unless they are a member of all the private channels integrated with the Commet Team. An invitation becomes invalid if the invited person has been removed from any […]

Integrate GitHub repositories

This article describes how to integrate a GitHub repository so that Commet can index and analyze the issues and pull requests to let you text search them. There are two ways to achieve this. One is to link your account to GitHub using OAuth2 and allow Commet to import the issues and pull requests on your behalf. The other is to create an incoming webhook endpoint on Commet and have GitHub use it. OAuth2 Here are […]