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Integrate other services via IFTTT Maker Webhook

Summary IFTTT offers a way of sending requests to external URLs called Maker Webhooks, and you can use it to connect other services on IFTTT such as Dropbox to Commet. Here is a summary of the necessary steps: Sign up for IFTTT if not yet Become a Maker Generate a webhook URL for IFTTT on Commet Create an applet Enable the applet Detailed steps Sign up and become a Maker If you are not a […]

Limitations when a Team is integrated with Slack private channel(s)

Background Slack has strict policies regarding security and privacy, and 3rd-party apps like Commet have to follow them. For that reason, Commet has feature limitations when a Team is integrated with Slack private channels. API Terms of Service | Slack Limitations Invitations Users can’t invite other users unless they are a member of all the private channels integrated with the Commet Team. An invitation becomes invalid if the invited person has been removed from any […]